Firm Overview

A Modern Law Practice At the Forefront of Legal Defense

The Law Office of George Gedulin is a San Diego criminal defense firm focused exclusively on defending the accused. We know what it means for our clients to face a criminal prosecution.

Over 40 Years Combined Legal Experience

Our firms attorney’s have been serving their clients for over 40 years. Through a difficult and complex time in people’s lives, having experienced counsel is critical.

Felony or Misdemeanor charges have consequences that effect every aspect of a person’s life. Our firm provides more than litigation experience and skill. We see our role as advocates and counselors, guiding our clients through the most difficult time in their lives.

You can have confidence in the best representation; our firm has years of experience defending all types of criminal cases in State and Federal Court. We are proud to be at the forefront of criminal defense in the modern world: Implementing the technological and scientific developments that are key to defending our clients.

Our goal:

Restore our client’s freedom and peace of mind.

We are in the courtroom every day fighting against prosecutors throughout San Diego and Southern California. From domestic violence arrests and DUI’s to the most complex white-collar fraud offenses, we are experts in the criminal defense arena.

Our Approach:

Personal Attention, Frequent Communication and Aggressive Negotiation.

Our firm has represented men and women charged with murder, theft, fraud crimes, sex crimes, drug offenses, child abuse and violent felonies. Many of our clients come to us by referral from people we have helped in the past and other attorneys.

How We Win Cases:

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

There is no substitute for the hard work. We know every part of our clients case from  background to every detail of evidence gathered by police. The many hours spent reviewing interviews and scrutinizing reports from experts sets us apart from most criminal defense firms.

We are never satisfied by simply accepting the evidence given by the government. Every interview and report is reviewed multiple Times until our attorneys become experts on every page of evidence in a criminal case.

When we bring a case to trial we know it better than anyone else in that court room. Preparing for the Judge that will hear the case is as important as knowing how a prosecutor will seek a conviction.

Preparing for a jury takes years of court room experience. Understanding the complex ways in which people hearing a case come to their conclusions and beliefs is essential for success. Training and experience with jury psychology is just one part of the preparation necessary to winning a case.

For a free, confidential consultation contact the Law Office of George Gedulin at (858) 333-5231. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.