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Private Practices Accused of Insurance Fraud Need Protection

The federal government is paying close attention to Medicaid bills since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 2018, and subsequently, fraud cases are on the rise.

Accusations of insurance fraud have severe consequences for private practices. Many of these cases focus on professional services associated with the healthcare industry (doctors, chiropractors, counselors.) These practitioners keep Americans happy and healthy, but one insurance mixup is all it takes to trigger a fraud case.

Insurance fraud charges can destroy private practices of any type, and that’s why any practitioner facing criminal charges should retain an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney when defending against allegations.

Fraud Investigations

Investigations typically start when agents identify “unusual” activity within billing. The case is then handed over to certified fraud examiners who evaluate records within recognized fraud schemes.

In some scenarios, agents act quickly and shut down practitioners with little notice. In other situations, agents wait to strike, investigating business dealings while scrutinizing transactions for mistakes. Regardless of the scenario, federal investigations can drastically impact practitioners.

Proving the Charge

White-collar criminal charges are similar to any other charge in that prosecutors must prove their claims against defendants. While prosecutors may have business records indicating a pattern of fraudulent behaviors, they must also show that the defendant intended to defraud the government.

The intent is an essential component of any criminal case, and an experienced fraud defense attorney can use any and all details to build reasonable doubt against the prosecution's claims.

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