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Common Forms of Insurance Fraud

Insurance is a necessary part of life; it protects your car, your house, your livelihood, and your future. Unfortunately, some policymakers accuse policyholders of fraudulently using insurance. Today, we will determine what accusations of insurance fraud look like, and the options you have should you face charges.

Auto Insurance Fraud

Here are some primary examples of auto insurance fraud:

  1. Vehicle Dumping: When an owner disposes of his or her vehicle by leaving it somewhere, burning it, putting it in a lake, or selling it in an untraceable way and then claiming someone stole the car.
  2. Registering: Drives may have to pay higher premiums for insurance because they live in a place where cars are regularly stolen, or because they live in an expensive part of the country. As a result, some people register their vehicles in other areas of the country to save money.

Home Insurance Fraud

Common examples of home insurance fraud include:

  1. Exaggerating Values: When a house is broken into or damaged and the homeowner inflates the cost of the goods stolen or damaged.
  2. Intentional Destruction: When a property owner intentionally damages their property so that they can collect on the insurance money.
  3. Double Claiming: Making a second claim on a loss that was already paid by another insurer or through a prior claim.

Life Insurance Fraud

Primary examples of life insurance fraud include:

  1. Application Fraud: When someone knowingly puts incorrect information on an application. Common frauds under this umbrella include: denying a smoking habit, hiding a disease, and lying about future plans.
  2. Selling fake policies: When someone poses as an insurance agency and scams people into buying fake life insurance policies.

Health Insurance Fraud

Common examples of health insurance fraud include:

  1. Fraudulent Billing: When a doctor or medical facility bills people for treatments that they never received.
  2. Medical Identity Theft: When someone steals the medical identity of someone else to receive healthcare.
  3. Intentional Misdiagnosis: When a doctor intentionally misdiagnosis someone for the purpose of making money.

What Do All Insurance Schemes Have in Common?

All insurance schemes have one thing in common; they can all lead to criminal charges. Those convicted of insurance fraud crimes may face fines, jail time, or both of these punishments given the circumstances of the case.

However, criminal charges are not the same as convictions, and you can defend yourself against accusations.

While you can fight on your own and defend your own case, that’s typically not the best approach. If you’re facing serious charges, you want serious criminal defense on your side.

From small fraud charges at the state level to felony fraud charges at the federal level, attorney George Gedulin can help you make your case. Attorney Gedulin has experience handling massive fraud cases; in one such case, attorney Gedulin got 22 counts of insurance fraud dismissed for one client, reducing his potential sentence from 22 years to 2 years.

That’s two decades of jail time removed thanks to the efforts of the Law Office of George Gedulin.

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