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Minors Sharing Explicit Selfies with Other Minors – Is It Illegal?

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When two minors share explicit selfies, it is still considered a crime. It does not matter that both parties are minors, as it is still considered child pornography. Additionally, the larger the age gap between the two minors, the more severe the penalties will be for someone who is convicted of being involved with child pornography. Parents are often unaware that their children’s actions can land them in serious legal trouble.

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What Is Child Pornography?

As the name states, child pornography is pornography containing underage children. While many minors don’t understand the serious legal repercussions with sending and receiving explicit selfies, the act of doing so often comes with stiff penalties.

Images to Another Teen

Depending on how explicit the content is, along with how large the age gap between the participating parties is, simply exchanging images can be illegal. If the individuals exchange nude images, they can be charged for child pornography possession, and in some cases, distribution. If the gap between the two parties is greater than three years, the older party can be tried as an adult.

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Finding out that your child is facing criminal charges for their actions can feel like your world has turned upside down. However, there are things that can be done to help protect their future and defend their rights.

The first step to fighting a child pornography criminal charge begins with working with an experienced San Diego criminal defense attorney. At the Law Office of George Gedulin, our team of trusted criminal defense attorneys has helped countless individuals put their pasts behind them, allowing them to return to their best possible lives.

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