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Backed by over 50 years of experience, the Law Office of George Gedulin has fought and won countless cases for our clients. We fight passionately for the rights and best interests of each and every client and are able to settle cases both in and out of courtrooms with poise, confidence, and tenacity. To see for yourself what our past clients are saying about us, take a look at these testimonials. If you would like to discuss your case with one of our family or criminal lawyers, contact our office in San Diego today at (858) 281-4605.
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  • Detailed and Professional Criminal Defense Lawyer
    George was very professional and detailed what to expect. I recommend his services.

    - John D.

  • Saved my son at the worst time in his life.

    My Son had a terrible incident involving the police last year. He is a top university student in San Diego and was arrested for drug and alcohol related crimes. My son, I feel, was having mental problems and did not know what was happening to him. I called George and he was calming and helpful from the beginning. He visited my son in jail every day until his court hearing.

    The most amazing part was the devotion and commitment George showed to my son's case. He had him evaluated by two pscyh experts before the first court date and the reports to the district attorney within days. The DA dropped all charges and we took our son from jail directly to a mental health facility.

    I can't imagine having to go through that ordeal without an attorney like George helping me and my son. I am sol thankful I found this attorney and he was there for my son. He helped an excellent young man who was going through difficult times and never deserved to have been arrested

    - Boris S.

  • Trustworthy and Intelligent
    George is a trustworthy, extremely intelligent, and hard working attorney who you can rely on to help you navigate any challenging legal situation. As a law professor, I work with many young, aspiring attorneys as well as seasoned professionals and I consider George to be one of the most impressive, well prepared, and knowledgeable. You can't go wrong working with George and I'd recommend him to anyone.

    - Meredith L.

  • Hard Working Attorney Who Really Listens
    George Gedulin is who you want on your side going into any legal battle or issue. He sits down and really listens to you and gets to know you so he can do the best job in achieving a positive outcome for you. George is smart, organized and walks you through every step of the process. He is available and keeps you up to date on all the details of your case as it is happening. I highly recommend George to anyone who wants a smart, honest, hard worker lawyer on their side !

    - Heather K.

  • Fixed My Court Problems, and Helped Me Gain Respect
    As an attorney and now friend I know that George is someone I can put my absolute trust with. His skill and clear thinking is what you would hope for from an attorney. I always felt heard and respected when I met with George at his office. I had my case with another private defense attorney for 6 months and he was completely lost. George knew the DA and Judge on my case. He negotiated and fought for me in my worst time. I was never rushed out or felt like he was just waiting for his next appointment. He helped me with a really complicated legal mess that took several years to get fixed. Great attorney and worthy of high praise.

    - Zina R.

  • George Gave Me Peace of Mind
    Having George Gedulin handle my case gave me peace of mind for the entire year that he was helping me. George was compassionate and understanding from our first phone call. I was very confident with George’s skill as a criminal defense attorney. He always made sure I understood everything that was happening. I felt like he truly cared about my case and had time to take my phone calls. His staff was also great and never made me wait to get an answer. George is a very skilled defense attorney and I would absolutely recommend his law firm.

    - Andrei L.

  • Respect and Praise for a True Professional
    I have been practicing law for 35 years and I have to give my highest recommendation for Mr Gedulin. I have to praise him for his professionalism and courtesy. I have been prove leafed to work closely with him and always feel comfortable seeking his legal counsel of many legal matters. George is truly an excellent attorney and someone I truly respect in the legal field.

    - Steven L.

  • Exceptional Defense Attorney with Integrity
    George was an exceptional person to work with. I have known him for several years and have been referring my friends and colleagues to his firm without reservation. He is experienced and committed to helping anyone who seeks his help. I know George to be a strong attorney who brings integrity to everything he does.

    - Mila K.

  • Huge Help for My Friends DUI Case
    Highly recommend George to anyone facing legal troubles. Helped a friend out with DUI and was wonderful to work with. Will go back to him in the future.

    - Nicolaus

  • Huge Help for My Friends DUI Case
    Highly recommend George to anyone facing legal troubles. Helped a friend out with DUI and was wonderful to work with. Will go back to him in the future.

    - Nicolaus

  • Gave Me Confidence and Results for My Case, Thanks
    Have to recommend George Gedulin. He has helped me twice with different cases in the past few years. I found George after losing confidence in my first attorney for an arraignment in North County. He helped me through a really awful time and went above just being my attorney. I hope that anyone who needs a lawyer gives George a call to get advice from a real pro.

    - Denis N.

  • George Gedulin, Very Trust Worthy, Hardworking, and Gets the Job Done

    George Gedulin is by far the best lawyer I have had.

    My experience was great. He contacted me right away did every thing he could to make my life easier. He made me feel comfortable and helped as much as possible. George was able to get what I wanted done and now my life is a whole lot better because my charge was dismissed. I appreciated all his services and would definitely use his service again.

    I highly recommend George Gedulin, very trust worthy, hardworking, and gets the job done.

    - Thomas L.

  • George Gedulin -Very Professional and a Great Lawyer

    I would like to leave a review and think George very much for taking care of my situation which could have been multiple felonies. I had had a lawyer at first which was giving me the railroad and what I mean by railroad is not trying to fight my case at all nor did I feel that the lawyer was on my side.

    I had been searching on Yelp that is when I ran across George and read a few reviews. I then told myself that I needed to take a chance with this lawyer here, besides it was only my life I was dealing with which is very serious.

    When I retain George he made me feel very comfortable and confident that I would go through this situation in good hands. On top of that by going through this situation with the court systems that made things hard far as bills and my finance situations. Now as my experience some lawyers don't care about people finances well at my sentencing date I still owe George some money on my case which i didn't have it at that point of time but I did pay him a couple of months later.

    And at this time I would like to say (thank you George) for not pressuring me and giving me a chance to pay my debt. :) and being a great lawyer caring about a person's life. Cause in them type of situation things can get critical... I will always referral someone to George that's in legal need.

    - Former Client

  • Devoted Criminal Defense Lawyer
    George is an Excellent Criminal Defense Lawyer. He has the highest devotion and commitment to his clients. I recommend him to any of my friends and family. He is well spoken and meticulous about his work. I would have no hesitations about hiring George and would want him by my side in court. I know he has helped hundreds of people who were at difficult times in their life seeking guidance and good legal counsel.

    - Dodie F.

  • Personal Attention From a Great Lawyer
    I had a very positive experience with Attorney Gedulin. He personally returned my call the first time I contacted his office. He walked me through the process of my case. I got a really clear outline of what to expect and how my motion should go. I was really confident with him in court. He is so friendly and at ease in court that I had no concerns from the moment I hired him. Great Criminal Defense Attorney and just a genuinely good person. He absolutely gets my recommendation.

    - Edward L.

  • I Highly Recommend Attorney George Gedulin
    George was a great help on my DUI case. I first contacted him at 9PM on a Friday night and he got back to me within minutes. Always responded to my questions and emails and explained everything about my case. My case was handled very professionally and I am very glad I hired him.

    - Alex

  • George Immediately Struck Me as Very Well Versed and Professional
    Finding an attorney that makes you feel comfortable is something most people should strive for. When I met with George he immediately struck me as very well versed and professional. George left me feeling like I was really being cared for on a personal level and not just like another client. This was the third criminal attorney I had met with and the first that left me feeling at ease.

    - Guy B.

  • A Good Man Who You Can Trust with Your Legal Matters
    We have done business with George Gedulin and know him to be a man of integrity. He is professional, honest in his dealings, and quick to respond. A good man who you can trust with your legal matters.

    - Pete

  • I Would Recommend Him 11 Times out of Ten. That's How Good He Is
    I was in need of counsel on a legal matter and contacted Mr.Gedulin, he was able to quickly do some background work and lay out a couple of options for us. His price was extremely fair, his services impeccable, and thorough as well as timely. My wife and I are forever grateful for what he did for us and I would urge anyone needing an attorney to contact him and retain him. Thank you Mr. Gedulin. I would recommend him 11 times out of ten. That's how good he is.

    - Ben A.

  • George Gedulin Is Far Different from Any Other Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego

    George Gedulin is far different from any other criminal defense attorney in San Diego. He is extremely knowledgeable, motivated, and dedicated to his clients. I work in a family law firm and am often asked for a recommendation of a criminal defense attorney. Each client I have sent to George has been happy with results and I would not hesitate in turning to him for help.

    George takes the time to put clients at ease and several people I referred thanked me, saying they felt automatically comfortable speaking with him. While other attorneys may rush clients into signing papers and paying a retainer fee, [he] did not. In one instance, a client I referred, contacted George and even though she wasn't sure if she required or needed legal representation at that time, George called the DA's office and explained the process to her.

    - Sarah