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Violent crimes are any crimes that involve the threat of violence or the use of force. In the state of California, assault and battery, domestic violence, murder, attempted murder, manslaughter, weapons charges, kidnapping, and child abuse are all considered violent crimes. Violent crimes typically warrant the harshest penalties and devoted strategies from prosecutors and can leave those accused facing an uphill battle.


If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a violent crime, you need to speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Violent crimes carry serious weight, and those convicted of certain violent crimes could face spending the rest of their lives in prison or the death penalty.

At The Law Office of George Gedulin, we only work on criminal defense cases. We focus on criminal law so we can protect your rights and defend you against charges to secure the best outcome. With help from our San Diego criminal defense lawyers, you may successfully have the charges against you dismissed. We will fight to have you acquitted if the case goes to court, and we can argue for reduced penalties if the conviction is unavoidable.


It would be nice to live in a world where only the guilty are arrested and charged with their crimes, but we do not. Every day, innocent individuals are charged with crimes they did not commit, and they have to fight hard to earn their freedom in the judicial system. Racism, poor investigative technique, mistaken identity, and lying accusers and witnesses can make life very difficult for those wrongly accused of a violent crime.

Our firm helps people from all walks of life. Whether you have been married for 35 years and everything is falling apart or your boss has pegged you for a case of arson, we are prepared to conduct an independent investigation and get to the truth of your case. Led by Attorney Gedulin, our team uses the latest technology and knowledge of the legal system in San Diego and in federal courts to fight for our clients’ rights every day. We only accept a limited number of clients so we can focus entirely on the matters at hand. When it comes to criminal defense for violent crimes, we take every part of your case seriously.


Because violent crimes is a category of crimes rather than a particular charge, the defenses against violent crimes vary greatly. Every detail of a case could present the defining characteristic that could exonerate a client, which is why getting started early is important. If you are being investigated for a violent crime, now is the time to reach out for legal counsel. What you say during the course of an investigation could determine whether you face charges for a crime or not.

From the moment our clients call our San Diego criminal defense attorneys for help, we start working to make sure the prosecution does not have more than the fair facts of the case and that you are prepared to make informed decisions about your case along the way.

Some possible defenses to violent crimes could include proving mistaken identity, casting reasonable doubt on the evidence presented, or proving self-defense. Our team will make jail and prison visits if necessary, so it is never too late to reach out for guidance. Attorney Gedulin and his team have the violent crime defense experience needed to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

If you are facing charges or have reason to believe you could be facing charges, contact our office in San Diego for more information. We can be reached at (858) 281-4605, and we offer Russian-speaking services!

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