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Weapons Charges Taking a Personal Approach to Law


Defense for Gun Charges in California

California has some of the toughest weapons laws in the nation. While we all have the right to own and carry weapons (including firearms) under the Second Amendment, there are many federal, state, and local laws that dictate what, how, and where we can keep and carry weapons. Accidentally having a pocketknife at a fairground could lead to losing that knife, but it will not typically constitute a weapons charge. Carrying a weapon into an airport, however, could.

To avoid being caught up in an unnecessary weapons charge, review all applicable laws where you will be carrying your weapon, and reach out to a San Diego weapons charges attorney or law enforcement for more information about legal carrying.

What are Common Weapons Charges in California?

In the state of California, it is illegal to:

  • Own a deadly weapon if you are a felon
  • Sell firearms without a license
  • Carry a concealed firearm without proper authority or permit
  • Shoot or use a deadly weapon in a populated building
  • Possess an assault weapon
  • Assault someone with a deadly weapon
  • Own a gun without carrying a permit
  • Carry a deadly weapon on school property
  • Show a deadly weapon in a threatening manner
  • Carry a firearm in a vehicle without proper storage (i.e. unloaded and placed in a locked container)
  • Improperly or negligently store a weapon a child can access in the home
  • Purchase parts or kits to turn a weapon into an assault-weapon

Penalties in a Weapons Charge Case in CA

Depending on the weapons violation, individuals may face a misdemeanor or felony charge. Offenses that occur in certain areas like airports, schools, or on federal property may enhance the gravity of the charge accordingly. Deadly weapons include anything that can be used to inflict mortal wounds. A pocket knife, your car, a gun, knitting needle, and a machete could all be considered deadly weapons.

However, some weapons (such as firearms and knives) could carry more significant penalties. Aspects that may affect the seriousness of a charge include the type of weapon, the manner in which it was used, if it was concealed, and if the defendant has a criminal history.

If you are convicted of a weapons charge, you could face the following:

  • imprisonment
  • steep fines
  • lose privileges to own a firearm in the future

If the prosecution can prove you intended to use the weapon to commit a felony, you may face more stringent penalties.

Developing a Defense for Weapons Offenses

In many weapons charges, your defense attorney may recommend an affirmative defense. Using this strategy, the defense may argue that the defendant did, in fact, commit a weapons violation, but did so because of extenuating circumstances. For instance, if you were assaulted, retrieved your attacker’s weapon, and talked to law enforcement as soon as possible, you may not face criminal charges. Any reasonable account that explains why you committed a weapons violation may persuade the prosecution to drop the charges against you.

Other common defenses include lack of knowledge of the weapon you were carrying, accidental firing, or illegal search and seizure. If you are being investigated for or have been charged with a weapons offense, you may want to seek legal counsel immediately. Weapons charges often occur in tandem with other charges, and you may face more serious legal consequences than you think.

At The Law Office of George Gedulin, our San Diego weapons charges lawyers know the court systems and key prosecutors. From the moment a client calls us for help, we start working on a case. Attorney Gedulin personally oversees every case our firm takes on, and we only handle a limited number of cases so we can focus on serving our clients with the highest quality legal counsel.

For more information about our approach to weapons charges, reach out to our team today. Call (858) 281-4605.

Successful Defense Cases

  • Sentence Reduced, All Other Charges Dropped 16 Counts, Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor

    Client charged with multiple sexual assault offenses, facingĀ 16 years in prison. Convicted of One Count of Sex with a Minor, 2 years Jail, All other charges dismissed.

  • Reduced Sentence, Other Charges Dropped 24 Count, Insurance Fraud Conspiracy, Grand Theft in excess of $250,000

    Client charged as head of conspiracy to present false claims to insurance companies, losses over $250,000. Client facing 22 years in State Prison. Convicted of two counts of insurance fraud, sentenced to 2 years in jail, remaining charges dismissed.

  • Dismissed with No Jail Time, Probation Only Assault with Deadly Weapon, Robbery, Burglary

    Client charged with multiple counts, potential 14 year sentence. Released with no custody.

  • Dismissed Charges Assault with semi-automatic Firearm, Criminal Threat, Domestic Violence

    Charges exposed client to 8 years in State Prison and two serious strike felonies. Court dismisses all gun related charges at preliminary hearing, client pleads to domestic violence charge only, no custody.

  • 30 Days Probation, Case Dismissed. Attempted Murder

    Client charged with Attempted Murder in connection with the death of her husband suffering from a fatal illness. Defense investigation revealed that statements of witnesses were unreliable and unfounded.

  • Case Dismissed Auto Insurance Fraud

    Naval Officer accused of making fraudulent insurance claims on his vehicle, charged with three felony offenses. Case Dismissed after defense investigation and negotiation with District Attorney.

  • Case Dismissed on Motion Auto Insurance Fraud

    Client charged with two felony counts of Auto Insurance Fraud.

  • Not Guilty. Case Dismissed. Burglary, Theft, Identity Theft

    Client was charged with criminal Burglary, Grand Theft and Identity Theft from local retailers. Defense investigation revealed client was not individual shown on security cameras

  • Reduced Charge Plea Deal Child Molestation Accusation

    Career Professional Client facing child molestation charges, requiring lifetime sex registration. Defense negotiated plea deal for non-offender charge of misdemeanor assault.

  • Not Guilty, Client Acquitted Of All Charges Child Pornography

    Client on Probation for Sexual Assault. Arrest and accusation of child pornography possession. Defense employs forensic investigation of all seized evidence and finds no evidence of child pornography.