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Serious Drug Charges Require a Serious Defense

Federal drug crimes are typically more serious in nature than state drug charges. They can be for any drug, from marijuana to methamphetamine, but typically occur when the offenses have taken place on federal grounds or if the offenses involved a federal agent. Distributing illegal drugs or drug trafficking are both common forms of federal drug charges, but possession, manufacturing, and other drug offenses may also be considered federal drug charges in certain cases, particularly when the amount is significant.

The federal government will prosecute these cases, which means the sentencing will look differently from local and state convictions. Most federal convictions lead to five years of imprisonment at a minimum, and federal judges do not have much leeway in changing the sentencing in certain cases. If you are facing federal drug charges, you will need to secure the services of a criminal defense attorney who specializes in federal drug cases.


Aside from the typical drug activities that will land individuals in legal trouble, many federal cases involve an element of conspiracy. If federal prosecutors can prove that two or more individuals had a plan to commit a drug offense, that each participant had knowledge of the plan, and that at least one step was taken towards that end, actual possession of the substance may not be necessary for a conviction.


Federal drug sentences are serious. For a first offense, individuals will typically be sentenced to between 5 and 40 years in prison. If someone died or was seriously injured during the commission, however, a first offense can lead to life or more in prison. A first offense can also carry a heavy fine of millions of dollars.

For amounts equal or above 10 grams of LSD, 1 kilogram of heroin, 400 grams of Fentanyl, 5 kilograms of cocaine, or 100 grams of pure PCP, first-time offense sentencing is much more stringent. With one conviction, you could face spending the rest of your life in federal prison.


Under the concept of dual sovereignty, both the state and federal government can prosecute you for the same crime. Prosecution at both levels is not considered double jeopardy at any point in time. After you have been acquitted at the state level, you could still face charges and a trial at the federal level.

If you face a serious drug charge, consider retaining the services of a San Diego criminal defense attorney who is licensed to practice and has experience practicing at both the state and federal levels. At The Law Office of George Gedulin, we have the credentials to defend clients in the state of California and in federal court. Whether you are facing your first charge or a second offense, having the right attorney by your side can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

CHOOSING A San Diego Federal Drug Crime Lawyer

Every drug case is distinct and will require a customized approach to secure the best outcome. For federal drug crimes, you not only need an attorney who has experience at the federal level; you need someone who understands federal drug laws and courtroom procedures like the back of his or her hand. The course of your life after a case may depend on the attorney you choose to represent you. Find someone who will protect your rights in court and fight to have the charges dropped or reduced.

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