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Traffic Ticket Defense in Southern California

For minor traffic offenses, most people prefer to pay the fine and move on with their lives. After an unfair citation or multiple offenses, however, you may want to look into the benefits of hiring a traffic offense attorney to help you fight the citation. Many officers hand out traffic citations on a daily basis, and occasionally they do make mistakes. After several traffic offenses, you could end up losing your license.


Although it may be faster to plead a ticket now, it may end up costing you more time in the future. After some traffic violations, you may be required to not only pay a fine but to also complete traffic school and have a traffic conviction on your record. Traffic school may remove points from your record, but it does not erase the conviction that will stay on your record for insurance companies and employers who hire drivers to see. If you fight a traffic ticket with help from a qualified attorney, however, you may be able to avoid attending numerous court dates or traffic school.


Some of the most common reasons officers pull people over and issue tickets include:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to follow signs and signals
  • Failure to yield
  • Failure to maintain lane
  • Reckless driving
  • Distracted driving (i.e., texting)
  • Driving with an expired registration

Although these are some of the most common causes, there are numerous reasons why an officer can pull you over and issue a ticket. Some offenses are more severe than others. For instance, forgetting to replace your headlight is on the low end of traffic offenses, whereas leaving the scene of an accident (hit-and-run) is one of the more serious traffic offenses you could face.

One severe traffic offense could lead to jail time, and so could repeat minor offenses. Instead of letting every traffic ticket go because you are too busy to fight it, you may want to consider addressing unfair tickets now instead of fighting a more serious charge later.


Every traffic ticket affects your driving record by adding points to your license, and every offense stays on your record for either 3 or 10 years. Minor infractions are worth one point on your license, and major offenses are worth 2. If you get 4 points in a year, 6 points in 24 months, or 8 points in 36 months, you could have your driving privileges completely revoked.

Although you may not think you will have enough offenses to lead to consequences as serious as that, each point on your license could also affect your insurance rates. Insurance companies reward safe drivers, and traffic offenses give them a valid reason to view your driving as unsafe. A San Diego traffic ticket attorney can help you keep your insurance rates low by keeping points off your license, representing you in court, having the fines you owe reduced, helping you avoid having your license suspended, and even getting the charges against you dismissed.


The San Diego defense attorney you choose should have a deep understanding of traffic ticket laws in California and in local jurisdictions. At The Law Office of George Gedulin, we have successfully represented clients in traffic offense cases ranging from repeated moving violations to more serious violations, including vehicular manslaughter and hit and run accidents. Regardless of the traffic charges against you, you deserve to have a defense attorney by your side to defend your rights and help you feel confident moving forward.

To learn more about our approach to traffic violations, contact our team at (858) 281-4605 today. Our traffic ticket-defense services are available to English and Russian speakers throughout the community.

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