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Mediation Taking a Personal Approach to Law

Mediation Attorney San Diego

Alternative Dispute Resolution in San Diego

Mediation is becoming increasingly popular among civil law cases. It is an effective form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in which you can resolve your case outside of court. Mediation is a very interactive negotiation process in which both parties are able to be as vocal as they would like to be and are able to express themselves more completely than in typical court hearings. In mediation, we recommend that you have your own attorney to help maintain protection of your rights and prevent you from being cornered in the negotiation process. Your San Diego mediation attorney, a third-party mediator, will not decide the case for you but simply aid in the process in terms of interpreting your concerns, outlining any problems, encouraging a solution that is in your best interest, and more.

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Benefits of this Alternative Dispute Resolution in CA

Mediation is typically allowed to take place in most cases that do not involve criminal law, such as divorce or child custody. This form of alternative dispute resolution is beneficial in many cases. With a San Diego mediation attorney from the Law Office of George Gedulin on your side, your chances of a successful mediation are far higher.

The benefits of participating in mediation instead of a court hearing include:

  • Saving time – Lawsuits and court hearings can take up to several years, whereas mediation can achieve a resolution in as little as one session.
  • Saving money – Lawsuits and court case fees are far more expensive than mediation.
  • Having more control over your case – You have far more freedom to express yourself and are free to speak directly to the other party in your case.
  • Preserving privacy – Court cases are matters of public record, whereas mediation cases are confidential.

Divorce or Separation Mediation in California

Divorces are often extremely stressful and emotional, as there are typically a lot of sensitive matters to discuss, including custody, property division, and spousal support. Mediation can make the process of discussing these things and developing a solution much simpler, so you can take more time to heal and move forward. Our certified mediators can help guide you and your spouse to an agreement that works for both of you and protects your best interests.

What Happens in Child Custody Mediation in California?

Many judges will ask parents to attempt mediation before taking their child custody cases to court. Resolving custody cases outside of court may be easier, as parents are able to fully voice their opinions and try to come up with a plan with the guidance of a mediator. The goals of child custody mediation include helping parents develop a parenting plan that is best for their child, devising a parenting plan that allows for both parents to have a fair amount of time with their child, and helping the parents learn ways to cope with any anger or resentment towards one another.

Certified Mediators Resolving Your Case Outside of Court

The Law Office of George Gedulin has a team of mediation lawyers in San Diego who are experienced, capable, and compassionate. We want to help you settle your disputes outside of court to help minimize emotional distress, time spent, and financial impacts. Samuel Godkin, associate counsel of family law, is a certified mediator who works tirelessly to settle cases outside of the court. We care deeply about the well-being of our clients and will walk you through the mediation process to help you understand every step involved. Backed by nearly two decades of family law experience, our team focus exclusively on family law, so you can be sure that you have experienced professionals on your side.

Contact the San Diego mediation lawyers at the Law Office of George Gedulin today at (858) 281-4605 if you are interested in handling your divorce through mediation.

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