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Synthetic Drugs Taking a Personal Approach to Law

Synthetic Drug Crime Lawyer in San Diego

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Synthetic drugs are dangerous, but are produced as a legal workaround so individuals throughout the country can get “legally high.” Synthetic marijuana may be branded as a perfuming product, and other synthetic drugs could be labeled bath salts or another cleaning or household product. These substances are not for human consumption, but that does not stop individuals (including young children) from using them to get high.

There are dozens of synthetic drugs being distributed behind the scenes and in retail stores, making them very difficult to identify and regulate. Many synthetic drug manufacturers change up the formula regularly to prevent a substance from being listed on the federally controlled substance schedule. Because the nature of synthetic drugs varies widely, prosecuting these cases can be difficult. Here is what you need to know if you have been charged with a synthetic drug offense:

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is often more concentrated than THC, and it is made with harsh chemicals applied to a non-regulated plant substance. The effects of synthetic marijuana may be more extreme than consuming the natural marijuana plant directly, and selling or distributing the substance is considered a misdemeanor in the state of California. In some cases, individuals facing their first offense may have the option of participating in a drug diversion program instead of going to jail. Synthetic marijuana is one of the more common types of synthetic drug cases we see today.

Other Synthetic Drugs

Other drugs that mimic the effects of methamphetamine, cocaine, and other controlled substances could be advertised as jewelry cleaner or bath salts. The drugs can be taken in a number of ways, but often produce varied and extreme effects in those who take them. They can often become more addictive than regulated controlled substances and may even do more physical harm to the body over time.

Penalties at the Federal Level

If you are prosecuted at the federal level for a synthetic drug offense, you could face a steep fine and up to a year in federal prison for possession. For trafficking activities including manufacturing, possessing with the intent to sell, selling, or distributing, the offense is considered a felony and could lead to $1 million in fines and up to 20 years in federal prison.

For small-scale activities, however, individuals are rarely prosecuted federally. Depending on the amount and the circumstances surrounding the offense, activities like manufacturing or possessing with the intent to sell could be considered a misdemeanor at the state level.

Finding a Synthetic Drug Defense Attorney in San Diego

The laws of synthetic drug use are complex, and many factors may affect the type of case a prosecutor will bring against suspects. Without the aid of a San Diego synthetic drug defense attorney who understands the limitations of the law on synthetic drugs in California and at the federal level, you could end up facing the maximum sentence for what the state thinks happened. At The Law Office of George Gedulin, we carefully investigate all synthetic drug cases to develop strong defense strategies. In many instances, the government has no case to prosecute at all. Many synthetic drug-related charges are thrown out.

Synthetic drugs can be dangerous and should be taken seriously, but that does not mean every synthetic drug case should be treated the same. Individuals misled by others, who became addicted to the substances, or who were looking for a legal solution for drug use should have access to the information and help needed to get their lives on track. If you or someone you love is facing a synthetic drug charge, you will need legal guidance in San Diego.

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Case Results

  • Not Guilty. Case Dismissed. Burglary, Theft, Identity Theft

    Client was charged with criminal Burglary, Grand Theft and Identity Theft from local retailers. Defense investigation revealed client was not individual shown on security cameras

  • Order Granted Restraining Orders

    Clients filed for restraining order(s), preventing former pastor from coming within 100 yards of church or making any disparaging comments about the Church on Social Media.

  • Granted-No Jail Time, Supervised Probation Juvenile Sex Crime

    3 counts including lewd act upon a child and sodomy by use of force Client was facing 11 years in state prison. Extensive defense investigation and use of psychological experts with client and victim to allow for specialized circumstances disposition.

  • No Custody, Case Dismissed Following Probation Welfare Fraud

    6 Counts of Fraud by Misrepresentation and Perjury. Possible 4 year prison sentence maximum. Defense negotiated with prosecution for Diversion Program.

  • Case Dismissed Restraining Order

    Client faced false accusations in restraining order petition. Successfully defended at trial, defense counsel discredits plaintiff’s case showing accusations to be non-credible. Successful in getting restraining order denied.

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