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George Gedulin Successfully Settles Federal Tax Fraud & Conspiracy Case

Federal Tax Fraud & Conspiracy Defense

Federal criminal allegations which include Conspiracy, 18 U.S.C. § 371, are among the most serious in the federal courts. Conspiracy to commit an act like mail fraud, wire fraud, or bank fraud is itself a separate crime. The government does not need to prove that a collection of people new the entire purpose of a criminal conspiracy, only that a person knew of the general purpose of the conspiracy and that purpose was in the scope of their participation. Any action taken in connection with a conspiracy can make a person criminally liable if the act was reasonably foreseeable to involve a criminal conspiracy.

Dealing with Federal Criminal Fraud charges requires experience and a committed federal criminal attorney who has successfully defended individuals against the US Attorney Office. Knowledge of the law in fraud cases is not enough. Tax fraud and wire fraud involve sophisticated data gathering and research techniques not available to most attorneys. The ability to quickly search through and determine key bits of information from thousands of documents and gigabytes of data are essential so success in these cases.

Criminal Defense Attorney George Gedulin on federal fraud and white-collar crime cases, ”These are the cases which often matter most to the US Attorney. Fraud committed against the US Government such as tax fraud are the types of cases prosecutors office are most committed to pursuing. Serious cases require experience and unique knowledge that bring a defense as strong as the government's case.”

Federal Criminal cases that are in the category of white-collar crime are often misunderstood by the public. An act of wire fraud, 18 U.S.C. § 1343, can involve simply giving false information on an application to open a checking account. The government must still prove that a person’s intent in giving the false information was for some criminal purpose. Federal fraud cases are very commonly charged as a conspiracy when two or more people engage in the same or similar conduct.

The defense was successful in dropping 73 of 74 counts against their client with a final resolution that included no custody and 3 years probation. The case involved a multi-million dollar conspiracy of identity theft and bank fraud. The Federal investigation involved both the FBI and local law enforcement.

Speaking to an experienced of a Federal Criminal Defense attorney is an essential first step when facing charges for fraud, money laundering, or any white-collar crimes.

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