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Finding a Criminal Lawyer Near Me


For those who have been arrested or sent a letter in the mail about an upcoming court date; the days and weeks ahead can be some of the longest in their life. Deciding on how to find a lawyer and where to search can already set out a path of anxiety and fear.

Anyone who has had friends or family in the legal system knows that courtrooms and legal proceedings are full of uncertainty and extreme emotions. When the possibility of jail time and serious convictions on your record are thrown into the mix it can be an absolute rollercoaster of emotions.


Most recommendations for a criminal lawyer come from referrals from other attorneys. Speaking to a trusted counselor can give peace of mind that the attorney they recommend will be responsive and knowledgeable about your particular circumstances. You should not be afraid to reach out to attorney’s who are not criminal law practitioners to find a good attorney for your case. Relationships between attorneys develop over many years and come from hard work and integrity among those in the profession. A referral from an attorney can lead you to the best lawyer in your area. A good attorney will always seek to place you with someone who can really help with your problems and is not just looking to land another client.


In any criminal case the accused is guaranteed the right to access an attorney. However that right does not guarantee the type of legal counsel you will receive. Public Defender’s have extremely difficult jobs with caseloads that increase every year. State and local budgets are shrinking with less money allocated to legal services for criminal defense attorneys. The right to a public defender does not mean you will get the same representation or experience as a private attorney can provide. A defendant who is one of hundreds may feel lost and without a true sense of what is happening with their case.


Doing on online search for an attorney can get you a large volume of results. The most important things to consider are experience of your attorney and having comfort and trust with the lawyer you chose. Online search can get you attorneys in the San Diego area, which can be of great convenience for office visits and conferences about your case. Any attorney should be thoroughly researched and interviewed to know that your case is something familiar to lawyer handling your case.