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4th of July DUI Checkpoint Alert for San Diego

Anyone driving this weekend in San Diego should be on alert for law enforcement looking to make DUI arrests. Fourth of July celebrations means more drinking, more driving and usually more DUI arrests. The San Diego Police Department made a press release which you can view below stating that a DUI checkpoint will be setup somewhere in San Diego. As is typical the information provided does not say where the checkpoint will be. However the usual spots including Grand and Garnet avenue of Pacific Beach, and other popular destinations with a high concentration of bars is likely.

In addition to DUI checkpoints various police and sheriff’s departments will be doing saturated patrols around the city. This means there are extra patrol officers driving around specifically looking for drunk drivers. This should put everyone on high alert that even the most minor traffic violation could get you pulled over.

Remember that getting arrested for a DUI requires little to no proof. There is no courtroom or jury on the side of the road. If a cop thinks you have been drinking and wants to arrest you he has the full authority to do so. All drivers should be cautious and mindful when drinking and driving this weekend. If you have concerns or get arrested for a DUI call a DUI lawyer immediately.