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What Happens if Someone Commits Insurance Fraud Accidentally?

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As stated on the California Department of Insurance website, the goal of the Fraud Division is “To protect the public and prevent economic loss through the detection, investigation, and arrest of insurance fraud offenders.” Unfortunately, not every case of insurance fraud is intentional, but it’s difficult for the Fraud Division to distinguish between accidental and deliberate fraud cases.

Therefore, anyone accused of fraud should talk to an experienced San Diego insurance fraud lawyer about their cases.

However, before we talk about handling the fallout, let’s examine common mistakes that lead to accidental insurance fraud cases.

Common Causes of Accidental Insurance Fraud

It may seem silly, but some people commit insurance fraud intentionally, but without realizing that it's illegal. For example, it’s illegal to report a lost or stolen item under two different insurance policies, but those that are “double covered” may not realize that it's illegal to claim a lost item under two separate policies until its too late.

If you or a loved one make this or a similar mistake, an award-winning insurance fraud attorney is just a phone call away, and having an experienced fraud attorney on your side can help the jury or judge see that you never intended to break the law.

Family Members Signing for Policy Holders

Another common mistake that can lead to insurance fraud charges is when family members handle insurance policies on behalf of policyholders. For example, if a wife signs an insurance policy under her husband’s name, she could face insurance fraud charges even if the husband asked her to sign on his behalf.

Only a policyholder can give legal rights to someone else to handle a policy, which is why insurance fraud investigators are hard on those who sign on behalf of the family without legal permission.

If you or a loved one is accused of fraud in this way, you need experienced criminal defense for your case.

Talk to an Attorney About Your Case

Regardless of the circumstances leading to an accusation of fraud, talking to an award-winning fraud defense may be a smart choice for your case. The Law Office of George Gedulin offers free consultations for all potential clients, which means you can talk to experienced defense at no cost to you initially!

Call (858) 281-4605 for a risk-free consultation of your case with our San Diego criminal defense lawywers.