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Competently Handling Complicated Cases

At The Law Office of George Gedulin, we have handled many complex dissolutions of marriage cases involving spouses with multiple businesses, complex trusts, and various holdings in the United States and internationally.

In such complicated divorce matters, dividing marital assets and assessing accurate values for clients is a specialized area of practice, requiring years of experience and training. Knowing how and when to retain accounting specialists, business evaluation experts, and property evaluators is all part of the services our firm offers clients.

If you are going through a complex or high-net-worth divorce, our attorneys in San Diego are ready to provide the advice and guidance you need. Contact us at (858) 281-4605 today.

Assessing the Marital Value of Businesses

Many people with long-term marriages have one or multiple businesses that operated or were created during the marriage. Knowing how to get the "real" value of the business or assessing its true marital value can ensure that our clients seek the fullest amount they're entitled to during their divorce.

Experts known as 730 evaluators, among others, are critical when doing a forensic accounting of support analysis, for example. Often, individuals with their own businesses make assessing a person's true income difficult. Doing this properly and with care can prevent the loss of hundreds of thousands or millions in child and spousal support payments.

Knowing how to work with accounting experts to evaluate business profitability and marital value can also ensure that whatever amounts a spouse is entitled to are discovered and presented to the Court. Having accurate assessments helps ensure that our clients' rights are preserved.

Determining Income Available for Support

Another critical area for consideration in complex or high-net-worth divorces is the amount of income available for support. Often, it is tricky to figure out what a business owner's actual income is. A wage statement, such as a W-2 or 1099 form, does not tell the whole story of how much money a spouse actually brings home.

Expert forensic evaluations and skilled legal arguments for the Court can ensure that a person's "true" income is understood when support numbers are calculated.

At The Law Office of George Gedulin, our San Diego complex and high-net-worth divorce attorneys have spent hundreds of hours researching and preparing cases for our clients to obtain the proper dollar figure for support. Whether you are paying support or receiving it, getting the right number is what matters most.

To discuss your case with our San Diego high-net-worth divorce lawyers, contact us at (858) 281-4605today.